Apprenticeship ahoy!

The program Apprenticeship ahoy is aimed at young refugees and migrants who want to prepare for professional training - in terms of language and working sectors – and would like to try out their interests in an internship.


During the vocational German courses with target level B2, you will address work-related topics: Which professions and training are to be found? Which training suits me? How does a working day look like? How do I communicate correctly at work? What makes an application appealing? How do I write a CV? Furthermore, you will develop your German skills for vocational school.


As part of our job-coaching, we offer vocational orientation, career planning and application training. Our educational guides align with your individual needs and interests. Their support includes general assistance in order to draw a career perspective and to obtain the official recognition of a diploma, preparing documents for an application and training interviews through hands-on exercises and role-playing games. In addition, they help you to find an internship in the area of your choice. Since the internship takes place parallel to the course,  you can contact us anytime with any questions.

The program Apprenticeship ahoy at a glance:

  •     vocational German course and preparation for vocational school (20 hours/week)
  •     goal: B2 level and a final telc exam
  •     vocational orientation and planning, application training and preparation for professional training (10 hours/week)
  •     parallel internship in a company of your choice (10 hours/week)
  •     duration: 9-10 months
  •     lessons and vocational orientation are scheduled daily from 9:00 to 14:15 or from 12:45 to 18:00
  •     in one of our locations in Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg or Steglitz

Can attend the program:

  •     migrants up to 25 years (in exceptional cases up to 27 years)
  •     including refugees with residence permit, tolerance ("Duldung") or temporary residence
  •     established in Berlin
  •     who have completed compulsory education

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