Qualification before employment

The Qualification for Employment program is aimed at people receiving benefits from the Jobcenter (ALG II) who wish to improve their German and gain professional knowledge in order to increase their chances on the labor market. Participation is free. Our courses cover the following fields:

  • education and social care
  • health care and nursing
  • online marketing and social media
  • hospitality and tourism

This program combines key elements of professional success: language proficiency, professional knowledge, work experience and guidance on the labor market. It is divided into three parts:
1. language course and professional knowledge acquisition (660 UE - learning units of 45 min.)

Participants improve their German language skills as well as their theoretical knowledge related to the chosen field. Since language alone is not sufficient to find a job, it is important to obtain the basic professional knowledge. Teaching is delivered in a differentiated way: participants from different levels learn together and from each other. To enroll in the course, you need at least the A2 level in German. The program ends with the telc Deutsch Beruf exam.

2. internship (330 units of 45 min.)
In addition to language skills and theoretical knowledge, work experience is crucial. For this reason participants attend an internship - parallel to the course - during which they can put into practice the knowledge newly acquired and establish contacts with potential employers. Exercising language in concrete situations also facilitates linguistic progression.
3. vocational guidance (330 units of 45 min.)

Throughout the course, participants receive assistance in their job search. Our coaches guide them on the labor market, point out possibilities for further qualification, specifying the requirements and conditions required by a particular job and how to fulfill them. They individually assist participants write a resume, prepare an application and the job interview. They also help in the process of having a foreign degree recognized. Towards the end of the course, coaches help participants find the job they want and plan a career.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday for 8 months. The timetable can be individually adapted according to the constraints which the participant might encounter. The approval of the Jobcenter conditions the participation in the program.

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