telc exams

A&QUA offers all telc examination formats. The exams take place on Saturdays in our test center in Neukölln: Weichselstr. 8c, 12043 Berlin. Dates for the next exams are shown here.


The examination consists of a written and an oral part. At any level (A, B, C) you can choose to take only the written part or only the oral part. All exams are subject to the telc regulations.


The written exam starts at 10:00. The oral exam follows on the same day; the exact time is given individually once the written part is over.

To participate, you need to register at least 30 days before the examination date. A late registration is possible until 8 days before the exam. The late registration fee is € 14.

On the exam day, all candidates must be in the test center at 9:45. In addition to their registration, they should bring a valid photo ID, along with writing paper, pencils and an eraser.




External candidates

People who have not attended A&QUA courses can also take the exam. In order to register, they have to pay a fee. External candidates receive an invoice – before their registration – which they must have paid at least 30 days before the exam.

According to their situation, they can then apply for reimbursement at a public institution, for instance: Jobcenter, Agentur für Arbeit.

Prior to the registration, external candidates can take a test free of charge in order to assess their level. An appointment is required.


The correction of the exams by telc in Frankfurt am Main lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. Once we have received the results, we notify every participant personally. Thereafter, certificates and results sheets can be collected at the test center.




telc – level A


written + oral examination: € 90

written examination: € 75

oral examination: € 60




telc – level B


written + oral examination: € 130

written examination: € 100

oral examination: € 85




telc – level C


written + oral examination: € 150

written examination: € 120

oral examination: € 100








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